Costo Affiliate Program FAQ

How do I get started? 

Start by registering to TradeTracker Finland click here . Make sure to complete all contact details. Then activate your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email.
You will be notified when your site has been accepted. During the evaluation period, we will visit your site and make sure it is an appropriate match for the Costo Affiliate Program. Upon approval, you will be given detailed instructions on how to log in to your account. You will have a variety of branded banners and text links from which to choose.
Once you have placed your links on your site, you can begin generating additional revenue. You will be paid Sales Commission starting from 8,50%. Over time you can continue to optimize the program and further increase your income. TradeTracker Finland can help with additional questions, promotional opportunities and best practices. You can also reach us at

Why become a Costo affiliate?

It’s free, you’ll make money and it adds value to your site and encourages repeat visitors. You earn commissions and Costo handles all the order fulfillment and customer service. It’s made very easy for you.

What are your criteria for partnership?

Any website can apply for the program: large or small, commercial or nonprofit associations. Costo does reserve the right to refuse any applicant, particularly if the site contains objectionable material including pornography, explicit language or content, violence or discrimination. We do not accept sites that violate intellectual property rights. This includes misuse of the Costo trademarks. 

My website is outside the Finland Can I join?

Yes, please register as normally click here. In case you need assistance in language please contact

Anything else I should know?

You will need to read the TradeTracker Finland Publisher Terms and Conditions and confirm your understanding of the terms and conditions in that document.